A Few Things

IMG_68121 Gorgeous flowers that decorated my living room about a week ago

A photo I took while there was a light out at our neighbourhood a few days ago. we got this candle holder in Thailand on our last trip there.

A part of my closet- in this specific one I keep all of my blouses and skirts.
(I promise a full tour soon)

Took this photo while waiting for our food at a restraunt. I love how it turned out

IMG_68191And this is the actual food that finally arrived (:


A Few Things

IMG_6144A few new pretty and colorful skirts I recently purchased from Asos.

IMG_6569Me in a typical pose- at a restaurant, trying to decide what to eat.

We started growing Nana mint  leaves. It’s so fun to add fresh leaves to my tea (:

My gorgeous husband soaking in the winter sun

IMG_60981Recently I’m really into eating toast with guacamole. soooo good!!


A Few Things

IMG_5186 A few of my favorite books, and some lovely candle holders we got in Thailand

IMG_5631 Deciding what to eat at our favorite restaurant

IMG_6052IMG_6055 The breakfast we had at “Benedict” this weekend. guess which of us ate which

IMG_5630 these bracelets were such a great purchase. they look tres’ chic

IMG_5318The gorgeous view from the restaurant we ate at on Saturday



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