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I’ve been sick this past day, still not feeling very well and really hoping to get better for the soon…but If I dont- I have a pretty good Idea how I’m gonna spend my weekend- reading one of the new books I ordered recently.

So…which one do you think I should start with??


October Favorites

october favorites about a closet revi rog

Here are some of my favorite items and things I enjoyed most in the month of october. description for each item is below (:

IMG_29921 IMG_2995 IMG_35961 IMG_2999 IMG_36011 october outfits about a closet revi rog Untitled-1Picture 1:  How pretty are these flowers right?! I got them at Ikea (my beloved Ikea!) together with the cute pretty plant holders. I bought two colors- pink and baby pink and I adore the way it looks together. they make my office much brighter. also in this photo- another cool item from Ikea- a huge pink candle that goes really great with the plants.

Picture 2: Sinnlig candles from Ikea- pretty sure you probably know about these. really great candles- last a long time and have a strong wonderful scent.

picture 3: A couple of books I read this past month. the first one is Bossypants by Tina Fey- a wonderful autobiography by and about Tina fey. wonderfully written, very witty and fun to read. and on the complete opposite of that equasion is a book by Gillian Flyn- Dark places. Gillian is the author who wrote the book that was adapted into a movie- Gone, girl. this specific book is the second one she wrote. I couldnt leave it for a second!! such an intense book, keeps you on your tows the entire time. I finished it in like 3 days. Go buy it NOW!

picture 4:  This five year journal is really cool- each day is divided to five sections…you write down in a few lines what you’ve been up to that day, and you can eventually compare your adventures through out the years. in the same pic- 2 great body creams from the body shop- the cherry almond Ice cream, and the vanilla patchouli massage cream. both smell sooo good!

picture 5: My new eyeglasses from Carolina Lemke Berlin. wait…what?? eyeglasses?? well..yeah. I’ve been using eyeglasses for the past 10 years or so… mainly to watch T.v and movies at the movie theater. I dont use them most of the day. I really love these new ones I just bought,  I think they look really great and even compliment me, or as my mom said: “They make you look smarter” (;

Picture 6: Two more items from Ikea, this time food related. this blueberry jam is the tastiest Jam I had ever had. sooo freaking good! and how cute are these Popsicle containers?

Picture 7: if these is one thing I hate is going to the gym. I don’t really mind the working out part…its specifically the “going to the gym part” that I hate. I really don’t like anything about it- the dressing up for it part, changing cloths in the lockers..everything. that’s why I prefer working out at home. I was thrilled when I found this YouTube channel this month- called X hit daily- It has many short workout routine that are all doable at home. I usually combine 2 or 3 of them together for one workout, and I pick different clips for different objectives each time.